Breeders of ​BritishWhite Cattle  


We provide Ranch Supplies that we all use in our day to day lives raising livestock.  We are Ranchers also so we understand your needs. Quality and price are our priority.  

We take in yearlings each year on our ranch and also raise a few British White cattle.

CATTLE EQUIPMENT FOR REAL CATTLEMEN and Grazing Consultant for Beef Operations

Steve and Sheila Grudzinski


Steve Grudzinski works as a self employed Grazing Consultant for grazing beef operations. Steve can help you design your grazing system, troubleshoot problems you are experiencing, and help you reach the goals you have for grazing livestock and improving pastures, meadows, or cover crops. His goal is to help your farm or ranch become more sustainably profitable. Utilizing grazing for 30 years he has the experience to help you with questions and problems as you are implementing grazing on your farm or ranch, or looking for outside, independent advice. His long time interest in helping others get started and implementing anything from simple rotational grazing systems to mob grazing practices makes him uniquely qualified to improve your pastures and above all profits.


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