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Livestock Tire Mats are now available. Custom built to any size tubs, alley ways, chutes, or other livestock equipment. Mats will save you money by keeping cattle from slipping, breaking legs, or other injuries as they are being processed. They also keep your equipment out of the muck and helps prevent it from deteriorating. Contact ustoday for your free quote!

We offer a variety of livestock products.  We are cattlemen ourselves so we know that $price and quality are most important in your bottom line.  Quality with Reasonable Prices.  Call us for information anytime. 

Horse panels are 5X10, 6-bar, weighing approx. 65 lbs each. 
We also offer a roundpen. (15) 5X10 panels with a ride through bow gate for $950.00
Goat panels are 4X10, 8-bar, weighing approx. 45 lbs each. $55
Call and reserve yours today, or come by the ranch and take a look.


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"Specializing in high quality fence posts"

Livestock Equipment and Fencing Supplies

5x10 panel  (90-95)lbs 3/4" x 1 1/4" square rails, 1" x 2" perimeter, 11 gauge, 7 rails  Call us  +1.402.680.7001  for current $Price

Southern yellow pine, pressure treated and truckload discounts are available for ranch delivery!
Line posts and Corner posts are available. Come to the ranch and check it out!  Call us +1.402.680.7001

We offer mineral feeders for sale. Don't waste your money on spilled mineral. These feeders stay upright, saving you money. Feeders will hold 4 bags of mineral. $80 per tub

Portable panels are still available. We donated Panels for use at the Ashton Ranch Rodeo. If your interested in purchasing any.  Call us +1.402.680.7001  for more information!

5x10 panel   115 lbs  1 3/4"  11 gauge rails  6 rails  Call us +1.402.680.7001 for current $Price